The Goblins Visit Brands Hatch for the British Super Bikes

I am just back from Brands Hatch where the Goblins and I went to watch the British Super Bikes Championship 2018. We had a great time supporting Jack Scott of JJ Racing and the sun even made an appearance for the first time this year, which meant ice-creams all round! We loved meeting the different teams and talking to the riders, mechanics and anyone else who stopped for a chat with us over the weekend.

At one point we even made it up the Control Tower with Eurosport’s James Hayden and had a spectacular view of the entire track. Helen even got the chance to be Jack Scott’s Brolly Dolly! We watched Jack’s first race from the top of the tower and wow what a race!


Earlier in the day I met up with the guys from True Heroes Racing, a fantastic motorcycle race team, who are made up entirely of injured service people. They were all busy working on their bikes so I am very grateful for the time they spared talking me through what they were up to and I even found a few fans of the show in the team, which was an added bonus!

We finished the day off with a Facebook Live video of the three of us watching the bikes, drinking beer and eating hot dogs – so if that is your thing you can watch it here.

We are pleased to say that Jack had a well deserved race win on the Sunday! A special thanks to Wes, Jack and everyone else at JJ Racing for inviting us down and being such great hosts – good luck with the rest of the season!




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