Goblin Works Garage – Ep.6 Teaser – Datsun

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Can you believe it, we have nearly arrived at the final episode of Goblin Works Garage’s first series? And tomorrow night at 9pm we are certainly going out with a bang, in the form of a Datsun Z-Car, the grandfather of the ‘fast and furious’ street racing scene. We completely rebuild the car Goblin style and you’ll just have to tune in to Quest tomorrow night at 9 to find out exactly what that means!

As it is our last show of the series, I just want to thank every one of you who has tuned in over the past six weeks. I hope you have enjoyed watching me and the team slam Land Rovers, put V8s in Capris, crash Mk2 Escorts and do all the other crazy stuff us Goblins are all about. I have popped some stills from the show above so you can relive what has been a lot of hard work but also an unforgettable time for us three petrol heads, as well as the rest of the team behind the show. If you’ve missed any of the series so far, don’t forget you can catch up on Quest OD – here’s the link you wonderful people.

And if you just can’t get enough of my crazy builds, make sure you are following my Rage Buggy Build on here and on my Youtube Channel.



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